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to you and the environment

- We manufacture in Spain our own products and deliver them though our website, without intermediaries, to reach the consumer directly and maintain a fair price as well as ensuring the quality of the products.

- We are a high quality bio-certified natural cosmetic brand.

- The components used in the manufacturing of our treatments are obtained from a controlled and ecological agricultureThe elaboration process of the cosmetics does not create waste or harmful chemical substances for the environment.

- We only use reusable containers easy to recycle.

- Lanuba boxes are made from recycled cardboard.


innovating in the market

When we first decided to start this exciting project, our main motivation was a serious concern about skin health. We then decided to create effective natural cosmetic products which comply with the most exigent standards of quality in order to offer solutions to the problems and needs of the consumers. This concern went beyond the conventional customer services or market researches. In order to achieve that, we invested all the knowledge of the experts in dermatology in our team. This is how Lanuba was born.

When we started getting prepared to study and choose the natural products in our environment, we were astonished to discover the exceptional properties of the strawberry and, especially, the properties of the strawberry seed oil, one of the most powerful hydrating active offered to us by nature. The strawberry seed oil’s high content in vitamins -including Vitamin E-, unsaturated fatty acids –Omega 3, 6 and 9- and antioxidants –such as Tocopherol and Ellagic Acid. Because of all this, our leading products contain exclusive strawberry seed oil which has not been submitted to a refining process or filtration, and which provides an endless source of hydration in the skin.

Another differential value of us is the creation of a quality product in which process the consumer takes part, as we involve them in the development of our cosmetics though an innovating concept: the participative cosmetic industry.

Lanuba is much more than a simple e-commerce of cosmetic products, it is a brand and a project with a solid purpose, to put all our national and international experience in the cosmetic industry at the service of our consumer in relation to design, quality control, manufacture, direct commercialization and consumer service.
Lanuba supports a healthier, cleaner world more ecological and sustainable.


The Lanuba BDIH seal

Before the term “natural cosmetics” became popular, the German independent association (BDIH), one of the most important European organizations, created a seal that guaranteed to the consumer that treatments they were buying were completely natural.

The BDIH seal establishes certain criteria to be met by companies. Furthermore, manufacturers are to submit cosmetic products to independent laboratory analysis. At Lanuba, we meet these conditions, allowing us to receive this exclusive certification.

We use biological or ecologically grown herbal ingredients wherever possible. Only when it is impossible to use herbal ingredients we use other ingredients that have been approved and accepted as acceptable by the BDIH.

Mineral ingredients. The BDIH only allows the use of inorganic salts and other mineral materials. Currently, Lanuba does not use mineral ingredients in its products.

Animal protection. In line with Lanuba's philosophy and compliance with European standards, our products are not tested on animals.

We do not use ingredients qualified as restricted use.

We never use colouring agents or artificial perfumes, silicone, paraffin or any other petroleum based derivative.

Natural preservatives. We use preservatives identical to those found in nature as well as the use of preservation systems.



100% toxin free for both you and the environment


High quality natural cosmetics.


We manufacture our own products and ship them to you without intermediaries.