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Terms and conditions


These are the Terms and Conditions that govern the contractual relation for the acquisition of products offered by Strategic Health Development, S.L.U.  in its online store.

The sales Terms and Conditions described below, exclusively govern the contractual relations between all users of the Lanuba websites (hereinafter the "Customer") and the seller, which is Strategic Health Development, S.L.U.  (hereinafter "SHD", or also "We"), and owner of the online store www.lanubacosmetics.com, with registered offices at Las Monizas, 2  21100 Punta Umbría (Huelva), with Tax Identification Code number B86968898, recorded in the Huelva Trade Register, Volume 1085 Book Sheet 192, Page H 23395, Registration 2.



1.1. The subject of these purchasing Terms and Conditions is the supply by SHD of products offered in its Online Store, in exchange for payment.


2.1. Together with the order confirmation, these Terms and Conditions form the agreement between SHD and the Customer for the supply of products. No other Terms and Conditions will be applicable.

2.2. It is understood that Customers agree to the general terms given in this text, when they tick that they have read and agree to these terms and Conditions.



3.1. Customers should be at least 18 years of age to make an order.

3.2. Customers should go through the complete purchasing process and make the payment through any of the systems facilitated in the website.

3.3. Once a customer makes an order, they will be sent an order number.

3.4. When making a purchase, the Customer is making us purchase offer of products they have selected in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Strategic Health Development, S.L.U. may or may not accept the offer

3.5. If the order is accepted, we shall notify the customer of our acceptance by sending an order confirmation. This order confirmation will be sent by email, as long as the Customer has provided an email address in the personal data form. If we are unable to accept the order, we shall contact the Customer through any of the means given by the customer in their order.

3.6. Although every effort will be made to supply the products listed in the order confirmation, there may be occasions when it is not possible to supply these products, for example because these products are not in stock. In these cases, we shall contact the Customer to inform them and we may suggest alternative products they may wish to purchase. If our suggestions are not accepted, we shall cancel the order of the products we were unable to supply, and we shall return any sum of money that may have been paid for these products. The return of these sums of money will be the limit of our responsibility regarding the Customer, if we are unable to supply the products ordered. Very occasionally, the prices of products displayed in our Online Stores may be indicated incorrectly, showing a price less than the corresponding price owing to an error. If this occurs, and we have confirmed the order, we shall contact the customer immediately, in order to issue a new order confirmation with the correct price. In the event that the corresponding price is much higher, the Customer may cancel the order, and we shall refund any amount that had been paid.

3.7. For orders made between 00.00h and 11.59h (midday), the revocation or modification period of this order will end at 12.00 hours the same day. If the order is made after 15.00 hours, the revocation or modification period of this order will end at 12.00 hours the following day. At this point the purchase will be closed. Orders made between 12.01 hours and 14.59 hours cannot be revoked or modified under any circumstances. During the set periods to revoke or modify the order, the Customer may do so at no extra cost. All times correspond to the Madrid time zone / GMT+1



4.1. We will supply the products indicated in the order confirmation, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


5.1. We pay particular attention to information regarding the basic characteristics of products, through technical descriptions from collaborating companies and manufacturers, along with photographs that illustrate the products. This is all done within technical limits and respecting the highest standards on the market.


6.1. The price of each product is clearly indicated in the website. The price and terms of the products offered may vary, but in any event, the price and terms indicated when making the order will be applicable for the Customer.

6.2. We reserve the right to charge for the order once it is received.

6.3. The sales prices indicated in our Online Store are shown in the following way.
If the customer lives in the European Union, all prices include VAT. However, this amount is deducted from the total, if products are sent to zones exempt from VAT. The customer simply has to indicate this in the field "Additional Information" when making the order.

6.4. Delivery service costs are not indicated in the prices of products. Delivery service costs are covered by the Customer and will be added to the total amount of the products selected. Customers will be informed of these charges before confirming the order and completing the contracting process.

6.5. We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time. However, we commit ourselves to applying the rates in force as indicated in the portal, when the Customer makes an order.

6.6. The term "Guaranteed minimum price" is not applicable to group promotions or to Alqvimia, Weleda and Dr. Haushcka products..


7.1. It should be taken into account that orders will be sent within the limits of available stock. If any of the articles ordered are not in stock, we undertake to contact the Customer as soon as possible (from the date the order was made), to notify him/her of the date when the product(s) can be sent. In the event that the Customer does not wish to wait, he/she can ask for any amount paid for this article to be refunded..

7.2. If after issuing the invoice, any product of the order is not available, we undertake to send to the Customer the available products and not to charge for delivery service expenses for the remaining purchase. If possible, we will propose a quality article with an equivalent price to replace the unavailable product. If this suggested replacement product is not accepted by the Customer, we will refund the unavailable product.


8.1. SHD is associated with Banco Sabadell to guarantee maximum security in payments. When the Customer sees the Bank Sabadell symbol, he/she can be certain the operation is 100% protected.

8.2. If our security department suspects any abnormality or fraud, SHD reserves the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons.

8.3. SHD offers the Customer 2 methods of payment:
• Payment with credit/debit card:
If the Customer chooses card payment, the order will not be processed until payment has been authorized by his/her bank. Credit card online payment is done through the "Secure Socket Layer" security system, which encodes the Customer's banking details when they are processed by internet. For security reasons, SHD checks all orders paid with bank card. We accept American Express, Maestro and any Visa and MasterCard registered in the Verified by Visa secure payment system. 
• Payment by PayPal:
Paypal enables direct payment without the need to notify financial data in Internet. Paypal automatically encodes confidential data with the aid of the best technology available on the market.

8.4. If the purchase has been made by an end consumer or a company, the corresponding invoices will be issued. These invoices will clearly indicate Value Added Tax, if applicable, and delivery expenses.


9.1. We shall send products to the Customer at the delivery address indicated in his/her personal details form.

9.2. The amount of delivery expenses is indicated in the shopping basket of the website, before making the purchase.

9.3. If the product indicates "in stock" when making the order, the time between making the order and the delivery date will be 2/3 working days, once we have validated payment receipt. If the article is not in stock when making the order, we shall contact the Customer to duly inform him/her  Estimated delivery times are for orders made in the Spanish peninsula. They may vary if the order is made from the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.

9.4. The product will be delivered once it has been checked that payment has been made correctly.

9.5. We understand times and dates to be working times and dates, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If for any reason, these delivery times are exceeded owing to SHD, we shall notify the Customer of the incident and propose alternative solutions.

9.6. The Customer undertakes that he/she or another person will be at the indicated address to receive the package. If there is nobody in the first time, the carrier will call back several times. If it is still not possible to deliver the order, it will be returned to us. The Customer will be refunded for the payment made, less delivery costs or costs to return goods, which will be charged to the Customer.


10.1. All products offered by SHD are guaranteed. We undertake to replace any product that has a manufacturing defect, with a new product or refund the corresponding payment within 14 days from delivery. In this case, all return costs of the product and delivery of a new product, or the same product repaired, will be covered by SHD.

10.2. The consumer should inform us in the event of non-acceptance of products, within 14 days from when he/she became aware of this, through an email asking to return the product. In this case, we shall organize the return in the most suitable way. In the event that the problem with the product is not under guarantee, the consumer will cover any possible additional expenses arising from this return


11.1. SHD provides a flexible return policy. Therefore, in spite of the products purchased by the Customer being received in perfect condition, if the Customer is not satisfied with any of them, he/she can change or return them. If they are returned, the Customer will receive a refund of the price of products within 15 business days from when SHD receives the returned products. If the Customer wishes to change them, he/she should pay the difference, if the price of the returned goods is lower than the new price. On the other hand, if the returned product has a higher price than the new one, SHD will refund the difference within the following 14 days. In any event, The Customer will cover the return expenses. In order for the return to be accepted by SHD:
Products should be returned within 15 business days from the date the Customer receives the order.
Products should be returned in their original box/packing. Products cannot have been used.
NOTE: Please do not place tape or stickers directly on the box/packing and first wrap the article. These will not be accepted.

11.2. On the other hand, if products received by the customer are damaged or flawed when they are received, SHD will cover the return expenses of the order. The Customer may choose between a full refund of his/her order (SHD will do this within 14 business days from the date of reception of the order), receive the same product new (within 24/72 hours), or change if for another product. In the latter case, the Customer should pay the difference, if the price of the returned goods is lower than the new price. On the other hand, if the returned product has a higher price than the new one, SHD will refund the difference within the following 14 days. In any event, both if the Customer decides to receive the same product again or if he/she wishes to change it for another, SHD will also cover the delivery expenses of this delivery.

11.3. It is not possible to return or change a product purchased when it is a flash sale, unless the product is damaged owing to transport, or if the product is flawed from source. In this case, clause 11.2 applies.


If you wish to contact our Customer Service:
Please send a message through the Contact Us form.


13.1. SHD undertakes to provide the Customer with all required information regarding the products offered and of the orders. SHD will not be held liable for the non-implementation of these terms owing to force majeure or an unforeseeable event either by the Customer or by a person not involved in the contract.

13.2. The Customer undertakes to complete the order form and its fields following the instructions indicated. SHD will protect the data in accordance with law. The Customer also undertakes to pay the price of the product, including the corresponding taxes and delivery costs.

13.3. We remind you that it is advisable to keep a copy of the data contained in the purchased products. SHD will not be held responsible for any loss of data, files or, in general, any damage resulting from a fault in the security copy of data contained in the acquired products, by the Customer

13.4. SHD will not be held liable for the consequences that may occur from the inappropriate use of products sold in its Online Store.


All opinions written by Customers are controlled by the marketing team. If any opinion received infringes the law, ethics or morals (abusive advertising, libel, insults, comments out of context...), SHD reserves the right to reject or modify these opinions.


15.1. Personal data required from the Customer are essential for the delivery of orders and invoices. The absence of these data will automatically lead to the cancellation of orders. When registering on the website, the Customer undertakes to provide valid personal data, which enable SHD to provide the service, along with the correct identification of the registered Customer, and also to be able to send information and advertising of products and offers that SHD may have in its web pages.


16.1. All contents of the SHD Online Store and its Blog (illustrations, texts, names, brands, images, videos) are the property of SHD. An partial or total reproduction of contents through any procedure and in any format, is subject to prior, explicit authorization from SHD.


17.1. This contract will be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish and European  law.

17.2. These General Terms are covered by Spanish law. In order to solve any conflict, the parties submit themselves, at their choice and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the address of the user.


18.1. All promotions and vouchers will expire after one month, unless the promotion specifies otherwise.

18.2. Promotions that are discount vouchers, will always be applied exclusively on the value of the product.

18.3. Promotions that are discount vouchers, will always have a minimum amount to consume, which unless otherwise specified, will be 50  for all promotions.

18.4. SHD reserves the right to cancel the promotion of anyone who makes improper use of it, or who acquires a number of promotion units under different identities.


SHD reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior warning, the presentation and configuration of the website and the General Terms of Use. These General Terms will be available to Customers in a visible site which can be freely accessed to make any enquiries. Customers should carefully read theses General Terms of Use whenever they access the website. In any event, the acceptance of the General Terms of Use will be an essential step prior to c contracting any service available through the website.
A message can be sent through the Contact Us form.