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They talk about us

Our innovative 100% natural formulation and the use of Strawberry Seed Oil, with its multiple and powerful benefits, highlighted the main national headers. In addition, Objetivo Bienestar referenced us as biocertified cosmetics; Elle as sustainable cosmetics, because our products do not contain oil derivatives, we do not use cardboard, nor do we cause waste in the environment, and InStyle includes us in its report about beauty companies that fight against animal experimentation. Marie Claire, Stilo, Telva Woman o AS, and other media, also recommend us.

They are Lanuba

The actress Nuria Gago, commited to the environment and animal lover, opted for Lanuba from the moment she met her, as well as Lanuba for her, because it represents the values and philosophy of our brand. It was love at first sight. Other well-known faces are also addicted to our creams, and influencers like Melissa Villarreal, Dulcinea, Macarena Gea o MyShowroom, among others.